Object size estimation AI


Object size estimation AI

We develop a Complex software system capable of measuring objects by using automated learning techniques and algorithms based on image processing and computer vision. With this, objects in images and videos can be analyzed and measured

Main features

Computer vision

AI uses signal processing techniques to analyze and preprocess information from sensors, eliminating noise, normalizing data, and extracting relevant features for classification

Automated learning

Improvement of object recognition and measurement by automatic/deep learning.

Object detection and segmentation

Single object identification and separation from background

Dimension estimation

Dimension (length, width, volume) calculation using geometric techniques and 3D modeling.

User-friendly interface

Results are shown on a intuitive interface, allowing users to interact easily with the system


Applicable in a variety of industries

This AI can be apply on manufacturing, medicine, architecture, scientific research, thus improving measurement accuracy and efficiency while reducing time and resources.

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