People segmentation


People segmentation

Software that uses machine learning algorithms, data analysis, and information processing techniques to identify and classify individuals based on specific attributes.

Main features

Data collection and processing

Collection and processing of data to obtain information about individuals, which may include demographic, psychographic, geographic, behavioral, and other characteristics.

Machine Learning

Identification of patterns and relationships in the data, which allows for classification and segmentation of individuals based on their characteristics

Feature extraction

Identification and extraction of relevant features that allow for differentiation of individuals based on their attributes

Segmentation models

Construction and training of segmentation models using the training data and extracted features

Evaluation and optimization

Evaluation of performance and accuracy of classification models using validation and test data

Visualization and analysis

Visualization and analysis tools that allow users to understand and explore the results of segmentation, identifying patterns and trends in groups of individuals.


Applicable in a variety of fields

It can have applications in fields such as marketing, sales, human resources, market research, and social sciences. It can help organizations identify and better understand their customers, employees, or target populations, enabling them to make more informed decisions and develop more effective strategies

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